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Best Roof Cleaning Company in Seminole

Trying to find a high quality, experienced roof cleaning company in Seminole, Fl? Pinellas is home to a plethora of great companies that specialize in roof washing and there’s no need to stick strictly to the Seminole city limits. We pride ourselves in offering customers affordable rates while taking expert level care of every roof we clean. Are we the best? Who knows, but check out our reviews, get quotes from multiple companies and make an informed decision. Hopefully we have a chance to get your business but if not, this article will help you make a smart choice.


Top 5 Roof Cleaning Services to Find In Seminole, Fl

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DIY Roof Cleaning

DIY or Hire a Professional? Safe Roof Washing and Cleaning in Seminole

One of the most challenging projects homeowners try tackling is roof washing and cleaning. Do-it-yourself (DIY) homeowners must consider the safety of themselves, their roof’s lifespan, tools needed, and their home’s landscaping when taking this on as a weekend project.

DIY Roof Cleaning and Personal Safety

DIYers often decide that roof cleaning is a task best left to professionals, primarily because roofs get slippery. Not just a little bit slippery either, but like winter ice up north slippery. It’s just not worth risking a serious injury. Beyond the slippery roof surface, using roof cleaning tools can be physically awkward, leading to unintended back and shoulder injuries. Another consideration is the type of cleaning product (bleach, soap, or eco-friendly) is used. Using anything toxic can be of concern for those with asthma or breathing problems during and for hours after the process is complete.

No Pressure Safe Roof Cleaning

Roof Lifespan

Any roof’s lifetime will depend on several factors, including installation, weather, and preventive maintenance. For many years a common misconception of cleaning roofs centered around pressure washing. Regular full-bore pressure washing is a poor option, whether hiring a professional or DIY. Instead, cleaning should be performed with low pressure to protect your tile, shingles, or metal roofing.

Roof Cleaning Tools

Be sure to have the proper tools to clean your roof. This includes a low-pressure kit or low-pressure air compressor, cleaning product, proper shoes and clothing, and materials to protect your landscaping. With the variety of tools and systems available, a starter kit and cleaning product will run a few thousand dollars. After your initial purchase, there is the compressor’s upkeep and purchasing cleaning product, sealer, and protective materials for landscaping.

Protecting Your Landscape

Yard, bush, and plant protection during roof cleaning are critical. The protection needed will depend on the type of cleaning product that is used. For any product containing bleach, plant protection will include saturating plants before full draping over the landscaped areas until the roof cleaning and rinsing are complete. While detergents can be less toxic, they still require at least protective actions such as saturating plants with water. Once the roof is cleaned, re-saturate your plants to help dilute any runoff that may have settled in the dirt.
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Find Out What Cleaning Your Roof Would Cost

Luckily for Seminole, Fl home owners Hang Loose Roof Cleaning offers premium soft wash services at affordable rates in your local area.