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Pool decks & Paver Cleaning

Safe pool deck and paver pressure washing by licensed & insured Pinellas County professionals; Hang Loose Pressure Washing.

Pinellas, Largo, St. Petersburg & surrounding area’s

Best Pool Deck and Paver Cleaning Services

Breath new life into your pool deck

With our professional equipment we can remove all dirt, grime, and algae from your pool deck or pavers. Over time these types of surfaces will build up these elements creating an unappealing look and can even make these surfaces slippery. It is important to hire a professional because using the wrong equipment especially on pavers can cause damage to the surface. We can restore your pavers to make them look just as good as the day you had them installed!

Pool deck pressure washing

Lucky enough to have a pool at your home? Keeping your pool clean and running is only half the battle when it comes to ‘pool life’. The surrounding surface of your pool also needs to be well cared for to keep it presentable and safe.
Pool deck pressure washing is utilized all over the country because it is the most efficient way to keep it  sparkling clean!

Hang Loose Pressure Washing in Pinellas County, Florida provides pool deck pressure washing to its customers. Our pressure washing services are not just limited to Pinellas, FL as we provide our services to its neighboring areas as well.

“Excellent outcome on our driveway. Travis even got some of the stains out that the previous company from six years ago couldn’t remove.”

Teresa L.
Belleair Bluffs, Clearwater

“Wow. Just wow. My husband convinced me (as I was a little concerned about the potential ‘surfer attitude’ given the name ‘Hang Loose’. I was so wrong. Great job!”

Karen S.
Yacht Club Estates , Largo

“Arrived on time, didn’t sleep in the truck like our last guy. Got the job done and cleaned up the mess along with taking away some tree trimmings which we didn’t even ask them to do.”

David Meeks.
Tierra Verde, St. Petersburg

Pool Deck Cleaning Issues

Pools are an investment

Designing and adding a custom pool to your home can be expensive. From designing the pool deck, to selecting the tiles and designs of the pool, you’ve likely spent a fair amount of money to bring this luxury to your backyard. When we invest so much into our home, we want to keep it clean!

Easily dirty decks

The pool decks often get dirty if not cleaned properly. Due to the water and humidity, algae can start to grow on your pool decks and pavers making an ugly look and giving life to unwanted germs. Algae growth can also be dangerous as you can slip on the algae growing on your decks pavers or planks which can result in serious injury. With kids and children at home, no one wants to take that risk.
When you have a pool, you want to spend quality time there with your friends and family and for your pool decks to look neat and clean without any stain, debris, or gum marks.

Power Washing Services to the Rescue!

Hang Loose Pressure Washing will help you remove the stains, algae, marks, and debris from your pool deck. You can call us anytime for professional pool deck cleaning in Largo, Fl.
We can also help clean up after your pool party with a pool deck pressure washing. People can leave stains and debris after a pool party in the form of stains from spilled drinks, chewing gum, party popper residues and other spilling. With us, you will get back your clean pool deck back!

Pool Deck Pavers Power Washing Project in Seminole, Fl

Why you should choose Hang Loose Pressure Washing

Hang Loose Pressure Washing has become familiar among the locals due to our professional pool deck cleaning services. We are not only providing our pressure washing services to residential but also commercial clients. Check out the list below to see why you should hire Hang Loose Pressure Washing for your next pool deck cleaning!

Reliable and trustworthy

It is important to have a reliable pressure washing company to prevent damage and have trust in knowing the project is being done right.


We use eco-friendly products with our pressure washing services. It’s against our policy to go against the environment that is why we invest in equipment which requires less and less carbon footprint.

Best Equipment

We have high-tech and advanced pressure washing equipment and tools which make us the best option to choose from as compared to our competitors.


We have immense experience in pool deck cleaning because that’s what we do & we’ve been doing it for years!


We offer affordable prices to our customers and do not charge higher to our commercial customers!

Free Estimates

We offer free, on-the-spot estimates to our customers. You can also send us the pictures of your pool deck to get a fair estimate!

Hire the Pros

Pool deck pressure washing in Pinellas County is a competitive industry. Be sure to hire a company with a proven track record so you can sit back with confidence knowing your pool deck planks or pavers are being cleaned by a professional power washing company.

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