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When looking at hiring a roof cleaning company, the concern of cost is an immediate thought. Most websites now have free quote forms, which helps in this process. However, these quote forms can never take into effect the actual condition of the roof, nor severity of potential mold or build up of dirt and debris on the roof, thus making them often give low numbers than what clients are actually charged.
When looking at average costs, the United States has a wide range, which depends on location, type of roof, size of the roof, the amount of cleaning needed, and type of cleaning performed. Let’s look at some of the varying numbers, which are helpful when budgeting a roof cleaning.

National Cost Averages for Roof Cleaning

The variety of business lists, like Angie’s List, Home Advisor, and Thumbtack, ranges from $550 to $2,000 for a 1,500 square-foot-roof to be low pressure, soft washed. The minimum reported cost for the same sized roof was $90 for a simple blowing of a roof, while the highest cost came in at $10,350 for a professional soft-wash of a roof horribly overrun with mold. For roofers who charge hourly rates, those come out to an average of $125 per hour; however, it will again depend on the level of expertise necessary to perform the cleaning. Some companies provide quotes based on the type of cleaning and cost-per-square-foot, with an average of $.90 per-square-foot.

Additional Cost Considerations

When the roofing company creates a quote, they will want to look at the roof’s condition. The more grime, algae, or mold there is, of course, the higher the cost. If the roof is made of cedar shakes, there will be an additional cost of a topical treatment, which helps restore the wood for greater longevity. This type of roof is only common in Norther states. There may also be minor repairs or shingle replacements, which may not be known until the cleaning is in progress. Consider if other services may be timely, like gutter cleaning or repair, and cleaning the home’s siding.

Cost Saving Measures

While roof cleaning costs can vary, it’s important to consider any options for cost-savings. When calling for a quote, ask if there are any specials, package deals, price matching, or coupons (and check their website too), get more than one quote, and then compare the companies’ reviews and reputation before deciding who to hire. Secondly, save $25 or $50 a month into a savings account so you can pay the bill without using a credit card.

As described above, the price of roof cleaning will vary based on several factors. The best way to get an accurate estimate is to contact us for a free quote today.