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Long gone are the days of yellow pages, where reputable businesses were easy to find. In our digital age, we must be vigilant in our search. Locating the best takes several steps, starting with locating professional roof cleaning companies, narrowing them down, obtaining quotes/bidding, and selecting your best option. Here is a rundown of each step with additional information.

Best Resources for Roof Cleaning Companies

There are three primary sources for finding the best roof cleaning company in your area. First, ask your neighbors, family, coworkers, and friends. Use social media to expand your search by posting you are looking for a professional roof cleaner. Those closest to you are most likely to share valid and reliable information on their experiences. Secondly, use Google to search your area using “Roof Cleaning Company,” followed by your city and state names. There are far more reliable good and bad reviews on Google than anywhere else on the internet. With over 246 million unique Google users in the United States, their power in reviews rivals other sites. Businesses cannot buy their way to better reviews, and it is challenging to remove poor or scathing reviews.

Online Directories Are Not What You Think

The past decade has led to several ‘local’ business directories such as Angie’s List and Home Advisor. The unfortunate aspect of a majority of these sites is their dependence on the listing service. Paid subscriptions put businesses higher on the list, while some poor reviews are hidden or removed from view when fought by the poorly reviewed vendor.

Next Steps in Choosing the Best Roof Washer

Once you’ve started reading reviews, be sure to rely on the most recent comments, not the one scathing review from three years ago. Simultaneously, read both good and bad reviews and see if the business responds in a professional, customer-friendly manner. This can further help narrow down your options. If there is no Google listing, check Facebook. Not there either? Well, it may be a good idea to cross them off the list. For starters, Google listings are free and one of the most effortless accounts to set up for business owners. With a list of two or three (or one, if you live in a rural area), take the critical step to verify the business is license and insured. Sometimes this will be on their Google listing, Facebook page, or website. Other times, you may have to ask for proof before obtaining a quote or bid.

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