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Pro Soft Roof Washing in Pinellas

We use safe low pressure when cleaning roofs. Using high pressure on your roof can cause damage and take years of life off of your roof. Using Safe low pressure techniques is not only safe but can also restore your roof to it’s natural Beauty!

What is a soft wash?

Unlike regular pressure washing, which requires high water pressure of 4000 psi, soft wash works differently. Low pressure of only 35 psi is used in a soft washing so that the exterior of your walls and roof are not damaged and maintains the texture of roof tiles and the exterior of your home. Hang Loose Pressure Washing offers premium soft roof wash in Pinellas County, Florida.

Soft Roof & Exterior Washing

Just like you ensure that your car is kept clean and tidy, your homes roof and exterior also need that same care. Your roofs, walls and exterior materials face the harsh weather conditions throughout the year. These areas need to be cleaned with just the right amount of pressure and special chemicals to ensure you are not harming the surfaces.

“Excellent outcome on our driveway. Travis even got some of the stains out that the previous company from six years ago couldn’t remove.”

Teresa L.
Belleair Bluffs, Clearwater

“Wow. Just wow. My husband convinced me (as I was a little concerned about the potential ‘surfer attitude’ given the name ‘Hang Loose’. I was so wrong. Great job!”

Karen S.
Yacht Club Estates , Largo

“Arrived on time, didn’t sleep in the truck like our last guy. Got the job done and cleaned up the mess along with taking away some tree trimmings which we didn’t even ask them to do.”

David Meeks.
Tierra Verde, St. Petersburg

Does your roof or exterior walls need power washing?
Pinellas Weather Effects

Florida is known for its hot and humid climate throughout the year, with frequent summer storms and only a slight decrease in temperatures and humidity during the winter months. These weather conditions bring dirt, debris, and promoted algae growth to your property.

The exterior of our homes and buildings are heavily affected by the weather. The paint of your walls will start to crack or peel off and change its color, the texture and color of tiles will start to fade or even blacken making you believe that you need to renovate or repaint your property.
However, that is not the case!
The change of color happens due to a type of bacteria that accumulates on the surface of the roofs and walls making them appear black. Most people are unaware of this and they invest in new paint or tiles for their home. These renovations can be expensive and timely and often unnecessary.

Hang Loose Pressure Washing provides a wiser and more cost-efficient solution to your problem. Your property needs a soft wash for its roofs and walls to restore the original texture and color of its exterior.

Spanish traditional tile roof washing done in Largo, Fl by Hang Loose Pressure Washing

Benefits of Soft Washing with Hang Loose!

Hang Loose Pressure Washing offers professional soft wash roof cleaning in Largo, FL in which they apply soft wash techniques to clean your walls and roofs. Advanced soft wash equipment and tools are used in the process to provide a seamless finish to your exterior.
The benefits you will get from Hang Loose Pressure Washing are:

Low Risk

Zero risks of tile breakage – we apply a low pressure of 35psi which is completely safe for use on expensive roof tiles and any exterior finish. 


Eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable chemicals are used in the soft wash process. Giving you peace of mind and leaving your property chemical-free. 

Stop Mold

Our soft wash process kills and removes the bacteria and mold which damages the texture of your exterior and can lead to the growth of other bacteria.


We offer affordable and competitive pricing while maintaining high-quality soft roof cleaning services.

Prompt & Quick

Schedule with ease and know that we arrive on time. The job will be completely efficiently and professionally in a timely manner.

Paint Ready

If you’re looking to repaint your home, once the soft washing services have been completed, your home will be ready for a fresh coat of paint.

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